Dare to Dream : Dare to Do


D:D was founded by Hinyan and her husband, which is a brand new platform, aims to provide trendy clothing and accessories to BJD¹ lovers, continuously pursues the highest quality and details doll clothing.

Vision : Mission : Values

Vision - MR. D:D will leads the fashion industry in Lilliput, and enhance the joyful doll-playing experiences in Brobdingnag.
Mission - We win customers' trust by designing the most stylish doll outfits; transform customers into doll fanatics with worthy product details; promote doll-playing as a meaningful platform to keep our minds young.
  • Worthiness
  • Honesty
  • Youthfulness

About founder

Hinyan learned sewing when she was 7year-old. Since then, she made miniatures cloths for Barbie, Jenny, Momoko and others. 
After buying her first Momoko in 2004, she fell in love with it. In 2007, she started displaying photographs of her weaving works on Internet and were proudly selected and published by magazines. Time by time, Blog visitors gradually increased, first doll's clothes was sold. That is how she started her doll fashion dream. In 2011, she shifted her focus BJD due to larger body's flexibility, enabling her to unleash even more creativity on doll fashion. Year 2014, started to make accessories.
Knowing my works shipped around the world is pleasant, and the process of making is a fundamental delight. I hope I can create more miniature clothes and share with the world.
¹only for specific models