November 01, 2013 at 11:42AM

Dear friends,

Thank you for keeping your interest in whyxdoll. I would also like to say thank you to all supporters, who have purchased or will purchase my handmade products, so that I can chase my dream as well as keep my fundamental goal - “to make high quality doll’s clothes”!

With this in mind, a good balance of quantity and quality is crucial and is required. In order to maintain my product quality control, please excuse that there will be some adjustments when placing order.

  1. There will be an “Open Request" sign appearing on Facebook page when I’m available to take other. I will only be able to take 2-3 email requests at each time Open Request upon first-come-first-serve bases

  2. For underwear and underclothes products (including bra and lingerie), “Pre-Order" is the only way to order. A "Pre-Order" sign will be shown on Facebook page. Please noted that there WON’T be any on-demand request for this category

  3. Only the sizes of mnf, Ltf, pukifee, lati-y, pukipuki will be accepted for tailor-made cloth. Please forgive that all request outside of the above doll sizes WON’T be entertained

  4. All confirmation and transaction will be conducted via etsy. Please complete the payment within three days. If you encounter difficulty regarding to payment, please feel free to contact with me. Any unsuccessful translation or incomplete payment without notifying will be blacklisted.

  5. Production time might vary, and please expect minimum 20 days for the process. Some clothes might take up to 60 days for production, depending upon the quantity and difficulty.

  6. Since all production is handmade, it’s appreciated that if you can wait patiently. Once I have confirmed the production time, your order will be completed within the given time. Please only send email to me when it’s necessary.

Once again, thank you for being so supportive to whyxdoll. Should you have any question please free feel to contact with me.

Yours sincerely,


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